GE Range Surface Element Control Switch Kit WB21X36771

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    Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Prop 65 WARNING(S)

    Mfg Part No.: WB21X36771

    Genuine GE Replacement Part


    This surface element control switch kit (part number WB21X36771) is for ranges.

    Surface element control switch kit replaces a switch that turns the surface element on and off and controls how much heat the element produces.

    Unplug the range or shut off the house circuit breaker for the range before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.



    Part Number WB21X36771 replaces 301441, 301442, 301666, 301667, 301819, 305109, 305110, 305111, 305112, 306382, 307014, 307016, 315604, 315605, 315606, 320945, 320946, 320947, 320948, 320949, 321827, 324608, 324609, 330687, 334886, 334888, 334975, 336119, 336120, 339418, 339419, 342188, 342189, 342192, 342193, 342194, 342195, 342196, 344552, 344553, 345559, 8004908, WB02X5212, WB21X0181, WB21X0183, WB21X0185, WB21X0186, WB21X0189, WB21X0190, WB21X0209, WB21X0210, WB21X0211, WB21X0222, WB21X0226, WB21X0227, WB21X0228, WB21X0229, WB21X0230, WB21X0233, WB21X0237, WB21X0238, WB21X0239, WB21X0240, WB21X0241, WB21X0242, WB21X0244, WB21X0245, WB21X181, WB21X183, WB21X185, WB21X186, WB21X189, WB21X190, WB21X209, WB21X210, WB21X211, WB21X222, WB21X226, WB21X227, WB21X228, WB21X229, WB21X230, WB21X233, WB21X237, WB21X238, WB21X239, WB21X240, WB21X241, WB21X242, WB21X244, WB21X245, WB21X5006, WB21X5007, WB21X5012, WB21X5013, WB21X5017, WB21X5018, WB21X5020, WB21X5022, WB21X5023, WB21X5024, WB21X5025, WB21X5026, WB21X5027, WB21X5028, WB21X5030, WB21X5091, WB21X5092, WB21X5093, WB21X5094, WB21X5113, WB21X5127, WB21X5150, WB21X5151, WB21X5154, WB21X5166, WB21X5167, WB21X5168, WB21X5169, WB21X5197, WB21X5198, WB21X5199, WB21X5200, WB21X5201, WB21X5202, WB21X5203, WB21X5204, WB21X5205, WB21X5206, WB21X5213, WB21X5214, WB21X5217, WB21X5217R, WB21X5218, WB21X5219, WB21X5225, WB21X5243R, WB21X5244, WB21X5245, WB21X5246, WB21X5247, WB21X5353, WB23K5028, WB23K5030, WB23K5038, WB23M0014, WB23M0015, WB23M14, WB23M15, WB23X0084, WB23X0085, WB23X0086, WB23X0087, WB23X0088, WB23X0089, WB23X0093, WB23X0094, WB23X5092, WB23X5099, WB23X84, WB23X85, WB23X86, WB23X87, WB23X88, WB23X89, WB23X93, WB23X94, WB24X5281, WB24X5315, WB24X5333, WB24X5334, WB2X5212, WB30M0005, WB30M5, WB32X5095

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